About Autistic Expert

Hi, my name is Bron and I’m an Autistic Expert, but some people call me “The Autism Whisperer.” I have the unique perspective of being Autistic and can give non-Autistic people an idea of what our world is like. I serve individuals and families in the greater Montreal area.

I was diagnosed with ASD and SPD as an adult and before my diagnosis, I lived with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Empowered with my new knowledge about myself, I am able to work with my disability, instead of trying to fight it.

My life experiences have been a whole lot of trial and error and I’d like to make the path smoother for others. I hope to serve as a mentor and role model for Autistics, and also give parents hope. We can find love. We can support ourselves. We can live satisfying lives. We can be employed.

For Parents:

If you don’t understand your child’s behaviours and want to help them, I can offer my insight into what is going on. I am not a doctor, psychologist or therapist, so I can only give you my opinions and it’s up to you to decide what to do with them. I do believe, however, that with my insight and experience, you will begin to have a better understanding of your child, with improved behaviour, and a more peaceful family life.

In my capacity of Professional Organizer, I can give recommendations on safety issues you may not have considered, both at home and out in public, and what you can do to keep your child safe. We all know the statistics of Autistic children wandering and getting lost. Don’t let yours become one!

I’m also raising an Autistic son. I have been through all the paperwork and phone calls looking for services and care. I want my son can grow right along with your children and prosper. Isn’t that what we all want?

For Autistic Teens and Adults:

Stressed, overwhelmed with life? Have a hard time organizing yourself or keeping your place clean? I can give you tips to help dig yourself out of it. Finding and keeping a job is another issue, so together we can look for appropriate jobs, practice interviewing skills, learn how to ask for accommodations, pick out work clothes and much more!

I also give relationship advice, whether you’re entering the dating world or just found out you’re married to an Autistic and don’t know what to do.


I want us all to develop our full potential and live satisfying lives. It would be my honour to help you on your journey.

Please contact me for more info:


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